Our Process

Step 1 - Initial Meeting

The first oppurtunity for the designer and home owner to look over ther project. It is the responsibility of the designer to interview the customer and discuss the potential uses of spaces, identify preferred styles, site specific conditions, and outdoor activities enjoyed by the users.

STEP 2 - Preperation of Concepts

Producing many different ideas that could solve the problem.  These ideas illustrate possible organization of spaces; does the patio go next to the house or out by the tennis court?  By giving the customer a range of options, they are challenged to look at their project from a different angle and rethink some of their preconceived solutions.

STEP 3 - Favorite Design Elements

The best ideas from the concepts combined and further refined into a rough plan.  This may be one concept in it’s entirety or elements from several different concepts that work together to form the final concept.

STEP 4 - Plan & Proposal

Choosing materials, final bids.  Usually different options are presented that could potentially be used and recommendations are made.  Every effort is made to help the customer understand what the finished product will look like, but a trusting relationship between the designer/installer and customer is always the best way to approach a project.

STEP 5 - Construction Process

Assembling the project.  Usually involves sketches, some of which are used with the customer for decision making and some of which are only for construction and/or local permitting purposes. We encourage all levels of our team to get to know the customer and assure that their finished product is the best solution for their needs.

STEP 6 - Finished Project

Final phase of construction, review of the project, discussion of maintenance costs and maintenance recommendations.  At this time the maintenance schedule and elements are presented so the customer can choose which parts to have The Site Group assist with.