Ruthmeyer Deck

Centerville, Ohio
Synthetic decking Trek Deck Deck Design Hessit Roman Tumbled patio Hessit Roman Tumbled patio Stone Retaining Wall

After years of rain takes its toll on a poorly drained and designed retaining wall, a collapse is inevitable.  Bernie and Maryann Ruthmeyer woke up one night to a crash on the lower level back patio.  Sure enough the old brick wall had collapsed.  Our challenge was to provide a dry walkout basement area with a properly engineered retaining wall.  This work also was the perfect time to extend the deck to provide more usable space off of the main level.  Trees sited near the deck with provide shade in the future, while natural stone steps were chosen for access out of the basement patio to the backyard.  Landscaping and LED lighting complete this outdoor living space

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