We care about
your space

because we care about your memories.
We’re The Site Group, a Dayton Ohio landscaping company.

A great outdoor space is about more than mere functionality;

It’s about creating magical moments.

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The best outdoor spaces become home to lasting memories with the ones you love.
For more than 25 years, homeowners in Miami Valley have trusted us to create their favorite spaces. They say it’s because: 

What other people have said
We're creative.

Every job starts with dreaming up all the possibilities.

What other people have said
We deliver excellence.

We only use high-quality materials installed by craftsmen who care about the details as much as you do.

What other people have said
We believe in open communication.

There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing where your project stands, so we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

In other words —

we’re obsessed with exceeding your expectations.

Learn more about The Site Group, a Dayton, Ohio landscaping company.

Our team members have different areas of expertise, but we all have one thing in common:

We love taking great care of our clients.

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Our Owners

dayton ohio landscaping company Lair

Brandon Lair

Brandon loves being part of the transformations. He finds joy in discovering creative ways to be more efficient, exploring new opportunities, and expanding the company’s levels of service. Brandon has done it all. He began working summers with us while in college earning his B.S. in Business and Finance from Miami University and, while completing additional landscape business management training and earning two more industry-specific certifications, grew with the company to serve as a Crew Member, Office Admin, Business Manager, and now as the President and CEO.

Ben Bayer

Ben grew up around his grandfather’s landscaping business and has been with The Site Group for more than 20 years. He’s an incredible listener and has a knack for communicating clients’ desires for their properties to the design team so that they can, in turn, create the perfect spaces. He thinks creatively and collaborates closely with the crew to turn each outdoor space into a unique spot that families can enjoy for a lifetime.
dayton ohio landscaping company Bayer
Dayton Ohio Landscaping Company Swaringen

Dave Swearingen

Dave founded The Site Group, a premier Dayton Ohio landscaping company, in 1995 and now serves our clients in Design and Sales as a Landscape Architect. With more than 25 years of design-build experience, Dave enjoys working with customers to develop new ideas for their outdoor spaces. The real fun begins when homeowners take a step back to consider their space from a different perspective. Dave enjoys the challenge of proving to clients that their lofty dreams can truly become a reality.

Dave loves seeing the excitement the homeowners have when they see their spaces come to life.

Brian Rapp

Brian has been with The Site Group for 20 years and still loves solving landscaping challenges as much as the day he started. He enjoys the diversity of the work, the variety of tasks, and the fact that each job is truly unique. His favorite part? The difference landscaping can make in just a few days’ time.


Our Leadership Team

The glue between clients and crew.


Joe Baiano

Landscape Maintenance Accounts Manager

Joe brings more than 10 years of experience as The Site Group Landscape Maintenance Accounts Manager. He loves the personal interaction with our clients — listening to their ideas, desires, and visions and then devising creative ways to bring those dreams to life.

Josh Hicks

Project Manager II
Josh has been a part of The Site Group for nearly a decade, beginning as a crew member and working all of the way up to his current role of Project Manager II. He is a stickler for quality, ensuring that every finished product is one he can be proud of and that the homeowner loves. Josh enjoys the camaraderie among his co-workers and the process of creating beautiful products outside in the fresh air. He especially loves seeing the satisfaction on a homeowner’s face at the end of each project.

Jason Deaton

Project Manager
Jason has acquired more than 20 years of construction experience, most of it with The Site Group. He is exceptionally skilled in woodworking and building projects. In his role as Project Manager, Jason enjoys being part of a team creating pieces that are both functional and gorgeous.

James Purvis

Design & Build Foreman
James joined The Site Group in 2017, and his strong skills and drive for excellence enabled him to become a Design & Build Foreman quickly. James enjoys the challenge of overcoming obstacles that arise on job sites and finds nothing more rewarding than seeing a customer excited about their transformed property.

Joel Benedict

Project Manager
Joel has been in the hardscape industry since 1986. He began working with The Site Group in 2017, bringing his experience of installing more than 2,000 hardscapes in the Dayton area. Joel enjoys keeping up with advancements in technology and products so that he can continue to provide a high level of craftsmanship and quality. He finds it very rewarding to make customers’ dreams come true.

Jacob Hawkins

Landscape Maintenance Foreman

Jacob studied chemistry at Ohio State University, which has served him well in his role as Landscape Maintenance Foreman. Since 2017, he’s applied his knowledge of pesticide and herbicide applications to jobs at The Site Group. He enjoys educating customers on topics like plant diagnosis, bed redesign, and drainage options.


Chris Macy

Production Foreman
Chris has worked with The Site Group team since 2013. A certified landscape technician, he has an associate’s degree in horticulture and has worked in the field for nearly two decades. Chris loves that his job allows him to work outdoors, and he enjoys transforming yards into oases.

Corbin Wray

Production Foreman
Corbin has worked with The Site Group team since 2018. With nearly a decade of experience in hardscape production, he brings practical know-how to our team, which quickly led to him advancing from a crew member to a production foreman. Corbin is driven by seeing the result of his labor, saying each of his team’s transformations give him a “great deal of satisfaction.”

Tell us your dreams.

We’re The Site Group, a Dayton, Ohio landscaping company and we love a challenge.