Dayton Landscape Design: A Yard for Grandchildren

August 10, 2023
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Your grandkids are coming over for the weekend, and you’re preparing your backyard to be the ultimate playground. You want to keep them occupied while spending quality time with your loved ones and keeping some of your sacred relaxation time. You need a Dayton landscape design team that understands your “must haves” and can help make your vision a reality. 

Here are some tips for creating a grandchildren-friendly backyard space!

Before You Build

Be sure to take into account your personal budget and the needs of your grandchildren when planning your outdoor space. Investments can be well worth it depending on your plans for the home and the frequency of your grandchildrens’ visits. Also, consider the age groups of your grandchildren. If they’re younger, you should opt for more safety-conscious entertainment elements. 

Install Play Areas

When initially planning your landscape design, you’ll want to consider the amount of space you’d like to set aside for a possible play area for your grandkids. Think about adding some swings, a waterslide or a climbing structure in your backyard for kids to enjoy while staying active. Water elements can serve as both an entertainment feature and an easy way to passively keep your greenery healthy. If you’re looking to invest, buy a trampoline or even look into installing a pool, and you’ll keep the kids entertained all day while you can sit back and relax nearby. 

Incorporate Sensory Elements

It can be important that curious children have safe landscape elements they are free to interact with. Trees and sweet-smelling flowering shrubs can serve as excellent sensory elements for kids. Add wind chimes or outdoor musical instruments, and place fun decorations around the space to encourage a natural aesthetic. You could even build a small garden pond complete with fish or turtles for you to enjoy alongside your grandkids. The possibilities are endless.

Design Outdoor Seating Areas

Outdoor seating areas like decks, patios or chairs surrounding a firepit create perfect spaces for gatherings and conversations. For surfaces of decks and patios, consider the elements you’ll be building with, and make sure the material is safe for lots of foot traffic. 

Create comfortable seating areas where your grandchildren can relax and read or even have a picnic. Host a bonfire with your family and cook dinner over the fire or roast marshmallows for a night of fun and memories. 

Ensure Safety

As always, safety should be a top priority when designing your landscape. Make sure play areas have appropriate safety surfaces, such as rubber mulch or soft grass. Remove any potential hazards like thorny plants or sharp edges. Regularly inspect the landscape and make sure the area is still safe for your grandchildren to play in. Supervision around pools or water features is critical.

Need More Ideas for Dayton Landscape Design?

At The Site Group, we’ve helped transform countless outdoor spaces into family friendly paradises. We’d be happy to help you create memories in your backyard with those you love most. If you’re in need of more ideas for your landscaping, or would like to take the first step in your landscaping journey, contact us!

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