From Design and Beyond: Landscape and Maintenance

July 27, 2023
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Creating a beautiful landscape requires careful planning, thoughtful design, and ongoing maintenance. While the design phase is undoubtedly exciting, it is the ongoing upkeep that truly gives a landscape life and brings personality to your outdoor living space. Here are some tips on maintaining a gorgeous landscape while keeping in mind the essential elements of your landscaping journey.

The Top Landscaping Priorities

It’s important to note the key elements of landscaping which are imperative to keeping your space in top shape. Health and growth of any greenery or foliage in your space requires regular maintenance such as fertilizing, watering and trimming. Consistent maintenance of pests and weeds will prevent them from taking over and possibly killing your greenery. Both of these elements, when properly managed, will contribute to an overall aesthetic to be later expanded upon with colorful flowering shrubs, lighting and more.

Essential Tasks

When beginning your landscaping journey, create a checklist of daily tasks to accomplish when focusing on maintaining your outdoor space. Pruning and trimming your plants should be a priority, as well as establishing a consistent watering schedule. Make sure you set a routine for watering and general plant upkeep, and follow it precisely and carefully. Mulching around your plants causes them to retain moisture and helps your landscape appear more visually pleasing. Fertilizing your plants and practicing weed control requires regular inspection of your outdoor space, but will ensure that your plants stay in optimal shape.

Incorporate Sustainable Practices

Incorporating sustainable practices into your landscape maintenance routine can benefit the environment while reducing maintenance efforts and costs. Water conservation prevents the overuse of water on plants and greenery, and you can even opt for drought-tolerant plants to avoid constant watering. Consider installing smart irrigation systems to recycle rainwater for your plants. Minimize the use of pesticides and chemicals by setting out bird feeders to encourage natural pest control. Finally, composting organic waste from leftover items in your kitchen can create nutrient-rich soil for your plants.

Landscape Maintenance Pays Off

Although landscape upkeep is often demanding work, seeing the beauty of the final product will be worth it in the end. Your home will be surrounded by thriving greenery which will compliment the overall look of your space. If you have questions or need assistance or advice about landscape maintenance, contact us for a consultation.

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