Exploring the Many Types of Landscaping Services

July 13, 2023
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“Landscaping” is an umbrella term: It encompasses so many different elements of backyard, garden and lawn design. When beginning your landscaping journey, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin. At The Site Group, we have years of landscaping experience and have transformed the outdoor spaces of countless happy clients. Here are the many types of landscaping services available to you.

Landscape Design and Planning

The foundation of any outdoor project involves the creative process of brainstorming the landscape layout, design, aesthetics and overall look and placement. Landscape design includes the development of both softscaping (plantlife) and hardscaping (nonliving materials). 

When developing the layout of a landscape, a designer or architect will take into account many factors, such as climate, visual style, purpose of the space and planting zones. 

Hardscape Installation

“Hardscaping” is the installation of any nonliving elements in the outdoor space. For example, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, water features, and fire pits are all hardscape elements. These parts of a landscape design provide structure to a space and help it become more visually appealing and functional. 

Softscape Installation

“Softscaping” refers to the living elements of outdoor spaces, such as plants, shrubs and other types of greenery. An experienced landscaping services provider will understand what plantlife will thrive in the local climate. When choosing softscape elements, the landscape designer will also take into account the homeowner’s preferred level of maintenance.

Lawn Care

Maintenance and lawn care go hand-in-hand. These landscaping services involve mowing, fertilization, weed control and other forms of upkeep. Lawn care ensures that the living elements of a yard continue to look attractive season after season. Proper care also ensures longer life for plants through necessary pruning and trimming. 

Garden Design

Garden design services encompass the selection of various types of plants, flowers and foliage meant to make your space look beautiful and organized. Gardeners can provide advice on seasonal plant rotation and general plant care.

Landscape Lighting

Exterior lighting is one of the landscaping services that makes a big impression. Lighting adds ambiance to a space, highlights walkways and focal points, and provides general curb appeal. Lighting also works hard to make your outdoor areas safer by helping people navigate outdoor living areas after dark. 

A comprehensive outdoor lighting plan will specify layers of light provided by options like path lights, porch lights, spot lights and more.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems allow for optimal water distribution and can be adjusted based on weather conditions. A well-designed irrigation system will minimize water waste, promoting sustainable and thriving outdoor spaces.

Landscaping Services for You

Questions about which landscaping services are the right match for you and your space? Contact us for more information or for a design consultation.

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