Borchers Driveway

Oakwood, Ohio
Unilock Richcliff paver driveway Oakwood Ohio Patterned bluestone patio Unilock Richcliff paver driveway Unilock Richcliff paver driveway Brick and limestone porch and planting landscape design oakwood oh

Working on properties like Bill and Samia Borchers historic home in Oakwood, the challenge is always seamlessly incorporating classic and modern materials into a unified plan. Sometimes, the classic material is the best answer, as in this bluestone patio.  Other times, modern materials can be substituted without sacrificing the look.  An example is the Uniclock Richcliff paver with simple Copthorne highlights that we suggested for the driveway.  New concrete curbs highlight the radius outline of the driveway.  A new brick and limestone porch was added to the back patio to allow handicap access to the great outdoors.  Converting an existing brick wall into the backdrop for a classic lion-head fountain creates relaxing white noise.  Working off of historic photos, the planting uses newer cultivars of classic plants to provide color and softness, while not competing with the architecture.

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