Pohl Natural Stream

Oakwood, Ohio
Landscaping with Water feature in Oakwood, Ohio Landscape design with Water Feature in Oakwood, Ohio Landscaping with plantings and bridge in Oakwood, Ohio Landscape design with Water feature and waterfall in Oakwood, Ohio Landscaping with Plantings and retaining wall in Oakwood, Ohio Landscaping with Landscape lighting and water feature in Oakwood, Ohio Custom wooden landscape bridge with lighting in Oakwood, Ohio Landscaping with Water feature with landscape lighting in Oakwood, Ohio

After years of silt filled runoff from upstream, the pond had become an eyesore on this Oakwood property.  Dr. Kenneth Pohl had a vision of replacing his old concrete spring fed pond with a natural oasis.  Over the years debris had been deposited by the small stream and had nearly filled the pond with a mixture of silt and muck.  Miller Brothers was contracted to clean out the old pond and repair concrete walls. Also to address a drainage issue, the pond walls were extended up 3’ so runoff water would not drain into the pond.  A silt basin was installed to collect the debris from the natural stream and keep the new pond clean and pristine.  Our goal of the project was to construct a natural waterfall at the head of the stream to provide a swift running stream which aearates the water for fish and plant life.  A collection of granite boulders and river rock was arranged to represent a natural stream and make retaining walls.  A bridge was constructed for access across the pond as well as a place to house the waterfall pump.  Per Dr. Pohls vision, water is diverted through a series of catch basins and pipe to keep the lower area from flooding.  As night fall approaches on the property, the lighting system provides natural moonlighting on the stream and bridge area.  This property has become a habitat for many different species of birds, fish and swans and has frequent admirers from the adjacent roads.

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