How to Create Privacy in Your Yard With Landscape Contractors

September 7, 2023
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What’s keeping you from enjoying your backyard? Neighbors who are too close? A road nearby that’s too loud? A view that’s not so great? It’s understandable to want privacy when lounging, entertaining or eating in the comfort of your own backyard. Luckily, professional landscape contractors have the expertise to establish a sense of tranquility and seclusion in your outdoor space.

 The private oasis you need is just within reach, so we’ll explore how you can achieve this much-needed privacy in your yard with the assistance of a skilled team.

Assess Your Needs

An essential first step is to ask yourself what you need out of your private space. Are you looking to shield your yard from neighbors or a nearby street or sidewalk? Consider the exact areas that need privacy, and use this knowledge to determine how much seclusion you’d like to achieve. Communicating these needs directly to landscape contractors can help them clearly see your vision.

Be Harmonious With Nature

The right landscape contractor will understand that privacy and the beauty of nature can go hand in hand. They will work with the existing natural elements in your space, and incorporate them into the design of your new tranquil oasis. Consider placing tall shrubs, trees or even a small water feature in your space for easy and practical increased privacy. A well-thought-out design will not only enhance seclusion, but also work in harmony with the natural world.

Incorporate Hardscaping

Hardscape elements can play a significant role in achieving privacy as well. Landscape contractors can integrate features like pergolas and lattice screens into your yard’s layout. These elements not only offer a sense of privacy, but also add an architectural dimension and a unique design to your space.

Maintain Long-Term Privacy

Privacy is an ongoing priority that requires upkeep and maintenance, and elements such as seasonal changes and plant growth can easily affect your environment. By planning a maintenance schedule with your landscape contractor, you ensure that your yard remains as private as possible year-round.

Comparing Landscape Contractors? Choose The Site Group

At The Site Group, we’ve designed dozens of tranquil private outdoor spaces for happy clients, and we’d love to work on another with you. Contact us for a design consultation and let’s get started.

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